Capital Interiors Limited

Type: Nz Limited Company (Ltd)
Company Number
Company Status
Industry classification code
E302010 "building, Non-residential Construction - Commercial Buildings, Hotels, Etc"
Industry classification description
Current address
37 Seddon Street
Upper Hutt 5018
New Zealand
Registered & physical address used since 09 Apr 2018

Capital Interiors Limited, a registered company, was incorporated on 03 Aug 2017. 9429046271501 is the business number it was issued. "E302010 "Building, non-residential construction - commercial buildings, hotels, etc"" (business classification E302010) is how the company has been categorised. The company has been run by 1 director, named Vikash Krishna Samy - an active director whose contract began on 03 Aug 2017.
Last updated on 18 May 2018, the BizDb database contains detailed information about 1 address: 37 Seddon Street, Wallaceville, Upper Hutt, 5018 (category: registered, physical).
Capital Interiors Limited had been using Flat 6 Oberon Flats, 48A Merton Street, Trentham, Upper Hutt as their registered address up to 09 Apr 2018.
A total of 100 shares are allocated to 2 shareholders (2 groups). The first group includes 75 shares (75 per cent) held by 1 entity. Moving on the second group consists of 1 shareholder in control of 25 shares (25 per cent).


Previous address

Address: Flat 6 Oberon Flats, 48a Merton Street, Trentham, Upper Hutt, 5018 New Zealand

Registered & physical address used from 03 Aug 2017 to 09 Apr 2018

Financial Data

Basic Financial info

Total number of Shares: 100

Annual return filing month: March

Annual return last filed: 28 Mar 2018

Shareholder Type Shareholder Name Address
Shares Allocation #1 Number of Shares: 75
Director Vikash Krishna Samy Wallaceville
Upper Hutt
New Zealand
Shares Allocation #2 Number of Shares: 25
Individual Alana Crystal Featherstone Wallaceville
Upper Hutt
New Zealand

Vikash Krishna Samy - Director

Appointment date: 03 Aug 2017

Address: Wallaceville, Upper Hutt, 5018 New Zealand

Address used since 28 Mar 2018

Address: Trentham, Upper Hutt, 0518 New Zealand

Address used since 03 Aug 2017

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