Te Moana-nui-a-kiwa Charitable Trust

Type: Charitable Trust (T)
Company Number
Company Status
Current address
84 Ransom Smyth Drive
Goodwood Heights
Auckland 2105
New Zealand
Registered address used since 22 Nov 2010

Te Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa Charitable Trust, a registered company, was registered on 22 Nov 2010. 9429043223961 is the NZBN it was issued.
Last updated on 02 Jul 2020, our data contains detailed information about 2 addresses the company registered, specifically: 84 Ranson Smyth Drive, Goodwood Heights, Manukau 2105 (postal address),
84 Ransom Smyth Drive, Goodwood Heights, Auckland, 2105 (registered address).

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