Virtis Datacentres Limited

Type: NZ Limited Company (Ltd)
Company Number
Company Status
Industry classification code
M696245 Management Consultancy Service
Industry classification description
Current address
9 Woodside Road
Mount Eden
Auckland 1024
New Zealand
Registered & physical address used since 13 May 2016

Virtis Datacentres Limited was started on 13 May 2016 and issued an NZ business identifier of 9429042311737. This registered LTD company has been run by 2 directors: Joel S. - an active director whose contract started on 13 May 2016,
Kerry Paltridge - an active director whose contract started on 26 Oct 2016.
As stated in our data (updated on 09 Apr 2020), the company registered 1 address: 9 Woodside Road, Mount Eden, Auckland, 1024 (category: registered, physical).
A total of 1000 shares are allocated to 2 groups (3 shareholders in total). As far as the first group is concerned, 500 shares are held by 2 entities, namely:
Richard Prowse (an individual) located at Schnapper Rock, Auckland postcode 0632,
Joel S. (a director) located at Newbury Park, California postcode 91320.
The 2nd group consists of 1 shareholder, holds 50% shares (exactly 500 shares) and includes
Kerry Paltridge - located at Milford, Auckland. Virtis Datacentres Limited is classified as "M696245 Management consultancy service" (ANZSIC M696245).


Principal place of activity

9 Woodside Road, Mount Eden, Auckland, 1024 New Zealand

Contact info
64 21 665550
No website
Financial Data

Basic Financial info

Total number of Shares: 1000

Annual return filing month: July

Annual return last filed: 03 Jul 2019

Shareholder Type Shareholder Name Address
Shares Allocation #1 Number of Shares: 500
Individual Richard James Prowse Schnapper Rock
New Zealand
Director Joel S. Newbury Park, California
United States
Shares Allocation #2 Number of Shares: 500
Individual Kerry Paltridge Milford
New Zealand

Joel S. - Director

Appointment date: 13 May 2016

Address: Newbury Park, California, 91320 United States

Address used since 01 Jul 2017

Address: Ellerslie, Auckland, 1051 New Zealand

Address used since 13 May 2016

Kerry Paltridge - Director

Appointment date: 26 Oct 2016

Address: Milford, Auckland, 0620 New Zealand

Address used since 26 Oct 2016

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