Kvet Systems Limited

Type: NZ Limited Company (Ltd)
Company Number
Company Status
Industry classification code
G422220 Computer Software Retailing (except Computer Games)
Industry classification description
Current address
1 Venus Place
Arthurs Point
Queenstown 9371
New Zealand
Physical & registered address used since 22 Sep 2015

Kvet Systems Limited, a registered company, was launched on 22 Sep 2015. 9429041990735 is the business number it was issued. "G422220 Computer software retailing (except computer games)" (ANZSIC G422220) is how the company has been classified. This company has been managed by 1 director, named David Ross Miller - an active director whose contract began on 22 Sep 2015.
Updated on 19 Oct 2020, the BizDb data contains detailed information about 1 address: 1 Venus Place, Arthurs Point, Queenstown, 9371 (category: physical, registered).
A total of 100 shares are allotted to 2 shareholders (2 groups). The first group includes 50 shares (50 per cent) held by 1 entity. Moving on the second group includes 1 shareholder in control of 50 shares (50 per cent).


Principal place of activity

1 Venus Place, Rd 1, Queenstown, 9371 New Zealand

Contact info
64 21 411570
Financial Data

Basic Financial info

Total number of Shares: 100

Annual return filing month: July

Annual return last filed: 02 Jul 2020

Shareholder Type Shareholder Name Address
Shares Allocation #1 Number of Shares: 50
Individual Denisa Miller-jasz Arthurs Point
New Zealand
Shares Allocation #2 Number of Shares: 50
Director David Ross Miller Rd 1
New Zealand

David Ross Miller - Director

Appointment date: 22 Sep 2015

Address: Rd 1, Queenstown, 9371 New Zealand

Address used since 22 Sep 2015

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