The Dub Shop Limited

Type: Nz Limited Company (Ltd)
Company Number
Company Status
Industry classification code
J551405 Film Or Video Post-production Services
Industry classification description
Current address
62 Cambridge Terrace
Te Aro
Wellington 6011
New Zealand
Registered & physical address used since 05 Nov 2014

The Dub Shop Limited, a registered company, was launched on 29 Nov 1982. 9429040764115 is the New Zealand Business Number it was issued. "J551405 Film or video post-production services" (ANZSIC J551405) is how the company has been classified. This company has been run by 2 directors: Simon G Reece - an active director whose contract began on 23 Oct 1991,
Barbara J Goosey - an inactive director whose contract began on 10 Oct 1991 and was terminated on 14 Feb 2002.
Updated on 22 Oct 2019, the BizDb data contains detailed information about 1 address: 62 Cambridge Terrace, Te Aro, Wellington, 6011 (types include: registered, physical).
The Dub Shop Limited had been using 8A Ebor St, Wellington 6011 as their physical address up to 05 Nov 2014.
More names for the company, as we established at BizDb, included: from 29 Nov 1982 to 07 Jun 1991 they were called Lindis Audio Visual Productions Limited.
A total of 15000 shares are issued to 2 shareholders (2 groups). The first group is comprised of 12900 shares (86%) held by 1 entity. Moving on the second group consists of 1 shareholder in control of 2100 shares (14%).


Previous addresses

Address: 8a Ebor St, Wellington 6011 New Zealand

Physical & registered address used from 06 Oct 2009 to 05 Nov 2014

Address: 8a Ebor Street, Wellington

Physical address used from 24 Apr 1997 to 06 Oct 2009

Address: 204 Miro Miro Rd, Normandale, Lower Hutt

Registered address used from 24 Nov 1992 to 06 Oct 2009

Contact info
64 4 8015840
Financial Data

Basic Financial info

Total number of Shares: 15000

Annual return filing month: October

Annual return last filed: 07 Oct 2019

Shareholder Type Shareholder Name Address
Shares Allocation #1 Number of Shares: 12900
Individual Simon Grey Reece Days Bay
Eastbourne, Wellington 5013

New Zealand
Shares Allocation #2 Number of Shares: 2100
Individual Barbara Joy Goosey Days Bay
Eastbourne, Wellington 5013

New Zealand

Simon G Reece - Director

Appointment date: 23 Oct 1991

Address: Days Bay, Wellington, 5013 New Zealand

Address used since 23 Oct 1991

Barbara J Goosey - Director (Inactive)

Appointment date: 10 Oct 1991

Termination date: 14 Feb 2002

Address: Days Bay, Wellington,

Address used since 10 Oct 1991

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