Djw Projects Limited

Type: NZ Limited Company (Ltd)
Company Number
Company Status
Industry classification code
J552220 Audio Service (including Sound Engineering)
Industry classification description
Current address
11 Crichton Terrace
Christchurch 8022
New Zealand
Registered & physical address used since 29 Jun 2009

Djw Projects Limited, a registered company, was incorporated on 29 Jun 2009. 9429032181678 is the business number it was issued. "J552220 Audio service (including sound engineering)" (ANZSIC J552220) is how the company has been categorised. This company has been supervised by 1 director, named David James Coxon - an active director whose contract began on 29 Jun 2009.
Updated on 27 Aug 2020, the BizDb database contains detailed information about 1 address: 11 Crichton Terrace, Cashmere, Christchurch, 8022 (types include: registered, physical).
One entity owns all company shares (exactly 1000 shares) - David Coxon - located at 8022, Redfern Nsw.


Principal place of activity

11 Crichton Terrace, Cashmere, Christchurch, 8022 New Zealand

Contact info
61 414 404642
No website
Financial Data

Basic Financial info

Total number of Shares: 1000

Annual return filing month: April

Annual return last filed: 14 May 2020

Shareholder Type Shareholder Name Address
Shares Allocation Number of Shares: 1000
Individual David James Coxon Redfern Nsw

David James Coxon - Director

Appointment date: 29 Jun 2009

ASIC Name: Toxin Pty Ltd

Address: Redfern, 2016 Australia

Address used since 17 Aug 2013

Address: Redfern Nsw, 2016 Australia

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